Journie Tours

Journie Tours

4 Episodes

A picture may be worth a thousand words but a good story is priceless. Enjoy a travel experience of majestic scenery, gorgeous landscapes, and spectacular vistas. Then dive deeper into the rich history, amazing geology, and incredible biology you never knew. Appreciate the true wonder of everything that makes nature so beautiful.

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Journie Tours
  • The Grand Canyon

    Episode 4

    2 billion years ago the earth looked drastically different than it does today. The continents were different sizes, different shapes, and in totally different places. This is the story of millions and millions of years of geologic activity that can all be seen today at the Grand Canyon.

  • Where the Buffalo Roam

    Episode 3

    Bison evolved from the bovine family that includes cows and other buffalo. 220,000 years ago ancestors of the North American bison, Bison Priscus, crossed the bearing land bridge into North American. Like many other animals, they migrated south where the harsh environment of ice age North America...

  • Lava Caves and Ancient Volcanoes

    Episode 2

    Our landscape is ever-changing. Slowly but surely geologic events mold and shape the world around us. Venture underground through lava river tubes of volcanic rock, and journey to the base of an ancient cinder cone volcano to understand how these formations emerged.

  • The Edge of the World

    Episode 1

    Set upon a high plateau, Flagstaff is covered in a dense Ponderosa Pine forest, but towards the south, the bottom falls off into water-carved canyons and valleys. Below a sharp rim of volcanic rock, this land is full of dusty red rock and towering sandstone.