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Watch this video and more on multitude

Watch this video and more on multitude


Frugal Off Grid


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    Take a look inside a grow yard where they feed and raise cattle producing natural beef. Beyond eating grass, there is a specific science to the nutrition and care of cattle depending on age, breed, and classification.

  • Backyard Aquaponics

    Charles Collins shares his backyard aquaponics system where he raises fish in a tank and their wastewater flows through the hydroponic garden, feeding the plants and cleaning the water in a well-balanced, self-contained ecosystem.

  • Giving Cultivation Care

    As the cannabis industry booms, laws and restrictions continue to change faster and faster. From state to state and town to town, it can be hard to navigate the legal boundaries of what's allowed and what's a criminal offense. Meet the guys growing cannabis from their home garage and winning awar...