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Watch this video and more on multitude

Watch this video and more on multitude

Southwest Mushrooms

Final Flushes


Up Next in Season 1

  • Massive Mushrooms

    These gourmet mushrooms are wood-loving species, meaning they don't grow in dirt or soil. Normally these mushrooms would be found in nature growing off of trees. To simulate that environment, sawdust is used as a nutritious substrate for mushroom cultivation.

  • The Mycelium Lab

    Mycelium is the vegetative part of mushrooms. It's the biomass that feeds on waste and creates a network of fibrous matter. Growing and expanding this mycelium is one of the first steps in mushroom cultivation but instead of dirty soil, you need an extremely clean sterile environment for success.

  • Urban Mushroom Farming

    In this episode "Mushroom Mike" shows the last steps of mushroom cultivation by loading and harvesting mushroom production blocks. While this is the end of the mushroom lifecycle, it's just the beginning of their culinary journey in soups, stews, sautees, and more!