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  • Turn Garbage Into Food

    Between 30 to 40 percent of the United States’ food supply is wasted. Vermicomposting keeps that garbage out of the landfill and turns it back into food.

    You probably end up throwing away a lot of food after some meals. It’s okay, most of us wish we were better about food waste but it often seem...

  • Grow Food Anywhere

    The science of aeroponics opens the door for people everywhere to take control of their food supply and grow their own fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs at home.

    Vertical farming with Tower Gardens has been around for years but many people still tend to think of farming as needing organic soil...

  • Rethink Bread

    Sourdough isn't a flavor, it's a method for baking better bread. With just three simple ingredients, a sourdough starter, and a slower fermentation process, you can fix many of the problems that come from the modern bread industry. You can even neutralize the negative aspects of wheat like gluten...

  • Drinking Renaissance

    Honey, the fundamental sugar in mead, is the most expensive commonly-used fermentable ingredient in modern alcohol production. Over the centuries, this nectar of the gods fell into obscurity but recently began a modern drinking renaissance. One small business is on a mission to revive the ancient...

  • Mushroom Kingdom

    Mycology is the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi. From lions mane and reishi to shiitake and pink oyster, these healthy and delicious mushroom species are worth the effort it takes to grow them. With incredible cognitive and neurological benefits, these mushrooms may hold the k...

  • Doing Dairy Right

    Cow milk has been an American staple for decades, and now we're embracing almond, cashew, soy, and oat milk, but what about goat milk? Even though it's the most consumed milk on the planet, many fear that funky flavor, but goat milk can be incredibly beneficial, economical, and tasty!

    Crow's Dai...

  • Saving Reptiles

    Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. Step inside the largest reptile sanctuary in the United States that welcomes over 1,200 animals at any time. It's a full range of venomous snakes, dangerous crocodiles, and friendly alligators to massive land tortoises and tiny aquatic turtles.

  • Giving Cultivation Care

    As the cannabis industry booms, laws and restrictions continue to change faster and faster. From state to state and town to town, it can be hard to navigate the legal boundaries of what's allowed and what's a criminal offense. Meet the guys growing cannabis from their home garage and winning awar...

  • Backyard Aquaponics

    Charles Collins shares his backyard aquaponics system where he raises fish in a tank and their wastewater flows through the hydroponic garden, feeding the plants and cleaning the water in a well-balanced, self-contained ecosystem.

  • Growing Cattle

    Take a look inside a grow yard where they feed and raise cattle producing natural beef. Beyond eating grass, there is a specific science to the nutrition and care of cattle depending on age, breed, and classification.