Superstition Meadery

Superstition Meadery

9 Episodes

Mead is like wine but instead of being made from grapes, it's made from honey. Follow Superstition Meadery as they explore the art and science behind this delightful alcoholic beverage.

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Superstition Meadery
  • Arizona Honey

    Episode 8

    Traditional mead made with honey, water and yeast is a perfect way to capture and enjoy the nuance of these local honey varietals.

  • Aged Aphrodisia

    Episode 9

    Cracking an 8-year-old bottle of Aphrodisia as well as pulling nails on some barrel-aged Aphrodisia.

  • Recipe Trials

    Episode 7

    Superstition Downtown is the world's first mead and food pairing restaurant. To keep the menu evolving, there are always new recipes to test and determine which mead is the proper pairing for which dish.

  • Stonefruit Meads

    Episode 6

    Handcrafting a new batch of nectarine mead, tasting a peach mead from the reserves, and pulling a nail on a barrel-aged plum mead. Refreshing summer flavors are in full swing at the Superstition production facility.

  • Berry White Day

    Episode 5

    Featuring dark, rich berries, luscious vanilla, and decadent white chocolate, find out why these award-winning meads are so beloved and sought-after! This is a once-a-year event that you don’t want to miss!

  • Mobile Canning Line

    Episode 4

    Just like the variety of flavors, mead comes in a variety of packages whether it's bottled, kegged, or canned. See the process for filling cans on a mobile canning line.

  • Mead Pairing

    Episode 3

    Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Superstition Downtown brings its mead to life through thoughtful ambiance, friendly staff, and delightful food pairings you won't find anywhere else.

  • Moving Liquid

    Episode 2

    Cleanliness and sanitation are paramount when making mead, wine, and cider at this volume. Watch how the team at Superstition moves liquid from tank to tank and barrel to barrel to ferment some of the most delicious and award-winning beverages in the craft world.

  • Mead Makers

    Episode 1

    Superstition Meadery is reintroducing the world's oldest fermented beverage: mead. Follow Jeff and the team as they explore the art and science behind this flavorful alcoholic drink.