Proof Bread

Proof Bread

2 Seasons

Proof Bread is a modern throwback to a way of life that values small-scale craftsmanship, local community, and creativity. We are a small group of passionate bakers working in our garage (thanks to cottage laws) which has been converted into a micro-bakery. Everything we bake is made by hand, from the best local ingredients, with no short cuts.

Proof Bread
  • Little Things

    Episode 16

    All the little things add up over time. Small daily changes lead to big weekly changes and huge monthly changes. Focusing on fundamentals ensures consistency and efficiency across the whole bakery.

  • Fall Flavors

    Episode 15

    As the seasons change, so does the bakery. Bigger batches to bake and more things to test as we enter the fall season.

  • Teamwork

    Episode 14

    Many hands make light work and the operations at the bakery wouldn't be possible without a highly skilled team. Working together making a variety of delicious sourdough products.

  • English Muffins

    Episode 13

    Entering the busy season and taking on larger workloads. Each week the sourdough process continues to evolve as we adjust to changes around the bakery.

  • Soft Open

    Episode 12

    Enjoy fresh-baked bread right from the oven as the new Proof bakery finally opens its doors to the public.

  • Double Team

    Episode 11

    Emerald and Jon work together at the new oven to find the right balance between artistic quality and efficiency with the loader. Scoring and baking whole sourdough loaves as well as baguettes.

  • Scaling Up

    Episode 10

    Scaling up from the garage to the new bakery offers many efficiencies, but it also presents its own set of unique challenges.

  • New Rhythms

    Episode 9

    With the new bakery, every week provides new opportunities to optimize workflow. What worked at the garage doesn't always translate to the bakery. But in some cases, lessons learned in the past, have found new value in the new space.

  • Happy Harriet

    Episode 8

    Everyone wants a strong sourdough starter but what if it's too strong? Harriet, the sourdough starter, is now reaching her full potential and it may be too much to handle.

  • Sticky Starter

    Episode 7

    Part of the learning curve with the new bakery is adjusting to the new environment and new equipment. Harriet, the sourdough starter, is quite sticky today and incredibly over-developed.

  • Begin Again

    Episode 6

    Moving from a cottage bakery in a residential garage to a brand new commercial bakery takes serious effort and dedication. See the full-scale transformation from the last garage bake all the way to the new commercial bake.

  • Croissant Lamination Part 2

    Episode 5

    Sourdough is a process and croissants are no different. With a new 83% butter, the rules for lamination have changed and the process continues to evolve.

  • Croissant Lamination Part 1

    Episode 4

    Lamination is the critical step in croissant making where butter and dough are folded over and over again, through a sheeter, to create the delicate thin layers and honeycomb pattern in a croissant.

  • Dough Development

    Episode 3

    Building adequate dough strength is critical for the best sourdough bread. This is a slow methodical process that cannot be rushed or overlooked. You need to take the time to properly develop the gluten and ensure the dough will hold its shape throughout the bake.

  • The Two Stages

    Episode 2

    Two culinary students visit Proof Bakery as stages to work with Jon and Amanda on understanding the art of sourdough. Staging is an unpaid internship test when a cook or chef works briefly, for free, (or to gain a position) in another chef's kitchen to learn and be exposed to new techniques and c...

  • Gochujang Sourdough

    Episode 1

    Follow the side-by-side comparison of baking traditional artisan sourdough with additional ingredients and flavors like gochujang, green onion, and garlic. These loaves are bursting with incredible flavor and aroma.